Thursday, March 22, 2012

New! MADE IN CHINA Now Available on Kindle and NOOK!

Made In China, the sequel to Lie Merchants, is now available on both Kindle and Nook!

Made In China begins a few years after Lie Merchants ends and takes the reader on a cross-continental ride from the Supermax prison in Colorado, to South Texas, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the mysterious Gobi Desert of China. It's a faster and tighter read (i.e., shorter) than Lie Merchants, but action-packed with enough twists, turns and deceptions to keep you guessing until the very end.

Also, now that two books are out, I've revealed that both novels are part of the America First Trilogy. I write political fiction, but with a spiritual twist and a desire to blow the lid off the corruption of the political and globalist classes. I'm in the process of writing the third installment now, which brings Tom Worth to an inconceivable finale in a showdown between good and evil.

Buy it now and start reading today!


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