Friday, March 16, 2012

New 5-Star Reviews for LIE MERCHANTS!

I am making this post at the risk of sounding promotional, but that's the deal with self-publishing, there's no one else to promote you other than your self. It is always encouraging to receive positive feedback, because many of us writers do what we do for various reasons - to entertain, educate or simple self-expression. I write because I have to get the ideas in my head out on paper (or Word file). There is no other choice and other writers will know what I am talking about.

That said, I want to thank the readers who were gracious enough to post their favorable opinion of my first novel, LIE MERCHANTS. Here are two recent comments that readers were kind enough to share with others:

"Gets your attention with the first chapter...It is very timely - would make a great movie."

"I hated putting this book down. It was gripping and entertaining."

"Viser took a relevant and frightening topic, and created a storyline which encompassed all of the terror, emotion, heartbreak, intrigue, desperation, and hope, which would surely surround it, and did it in a manner both compelling and enjoyable to read."

I am humbled by your feedback, you are who I write for.

Thank you.

Right now, I am preparing to launch the second ebook in the AMERICA FIRST series - MADE IN CHINA. Look for it and a new website in the weeks ahead!


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