Saturday, April 28, 2012

New 5-Star Reviews for Made In China!

Writing is a solitary avocation. Although we collaborate with others from time to time, the actual act of writing necessarily occurs alone. As I write this post (alone!), other authors all over the world are banging away on keyboards in home offices, on commuter trains, in basements, sitting at a lunch table, on their family breakfast table, in a car waiting for kids to get out of ballet lessons, on airplanes or anywhere where we might carve-out a few valuable and precious moments to to concentrate and transform our thoughts and emotions into the written word. Thank goodness for laptop computers!

And, we are all writing different in genres and stories based on our diverse experiences and imaginations, but I suspect that we are all trying to do the same thing - impact our readers in some way and evoke some sort of response. When we get a good review, it is like manna from heaven! Someone cared enough to share their opinion! Since so few readers actually provide a review, when they do it is a cause for celebration. And it is in that spirit that I am pleased to highlight some reviews from those who have invested their valuable time and money into reading my latest work - Made In China, the second book in the America First Trilogy.

Here's what they had to say about Made In China:

"Strap in, Buckle up and hang on! James Viser does it again! He offers up another brilliant, highly entertaining, thought provoking well-written installment in this trilogy. Enjoy this page-turner that is sure to leave you waiting for the final installment in this trilogy."

"SHOCKING Page Turner! Love the Mystical City! I read Viser's first book, Lie Merchants, and thought it was great. In Made In China, he takes his craft to the next level, and it is great to see a new author develop so quickly."

"Made in China continues the struggle between greed and patriotism, between jihadism and freedom and brings the good and bad guys together again in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. This is where the most inspiring metaphysical action takes place as well as a desperate firefight struggle and he keeps us guessing all along. There is no way we can guess the ending. Stunning surprise!"

So, thank you TJ, JC and Robert! You've given others some insight into my brand of fiction - political action/adventure thrillers with a metaphysical twist.


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