Friday, June 22, 2012

95,000 Syrian Refugees in Jordan

I write for many reasons, but one of them is to demonstrate that spiritual values are alive and well even in today's world. So many times I hear folks say that they wish for the days when God spoke to man, as if only in Biblical times did God, His prophets and spiritual beings communicate directly with humanity.

One of the reasons I write with current events in mind is to show how God and his invisible (at least to most of us) agents and helpers could be working behind the scenes today. I am no prophet, just a writer with a big imagination. However, it never fails to hit me when I see something in the books I write come to life in a news story.

For example, the AP recently reported that 95,000 Syrian refugees are now in Jordan, homeless, fleeing the horror show that the government has taken on tour from city to city in a murderous effort to crush the opposition. That is the exact scenario in Made In China that manifests a new movement to free the Syrians and even humanity. I have to admit, it makes me feel a little guilty that I wrote something that, at least partially, is coming true and profiting from it (not much, but a few bucks per copy sold).

I also try to see the best in people, regardless of their backgrounds or what their appearances might otherwise suggest. I'm not naive, there is evil in this world, but I do attempt to identify the silver lining in the storm cloud. That's what Made In China is about when it comes to the Syrian refugee situation. I am hopeful that a silver lining similar to what is written about in the book could manifest there, but I have no illusions that the road to something better isn't paved with much pain, blood and sacrifice yet to come.

I have a suspicion that perhaps God and His angels have always been with us and indeed are even working here today, searching for hearts and minds sensitive to His Plan. If we have the ears to hear (listening) and the eyes to see (observing), then we might indeed witness the works and influences of the Most High in our ordinary lives and those of others.

If you believe in the power of prayer and know that you are a source of spiritual energy that knows no bounds, then I kindly request a prayer or a moment of silence for the Syrian people. May their losses and sacrifices evoke a greater unity and outpouring of love among us all.


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