Sunday, September 18, 2011

"...a believable, fast-paced thriller." - Review for LIE MERCHANTS

Andrew Long at gave LIE MERCHANTS a new review.

What I appreciated most is that Long described LIE MERCHANTS as "...a believable, fast-paced thriller."

It is key that the story is perceived as believable, because LIE MERCHANTS is indeed meant to serve as a warning of how the various threads of the 2008 credit crisis, ensuing Great Recession, unrestrained corporate greed and the toxic mix of narcotics and militant Islam weave together to form a most unholy tapestry. The consequences of which have yet to fully play out in the "real world" and could be devastating.

The ebook is also intended to be the first in a trilogy illustrating Tom Worth's development from ordinary American to an extraordinary sacrificial hero by casting off the illusions the Lie Merchants have spun.

Thank you Andrew Long and stay tuned for the sequel!


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